All you need to know about Saudi Tourist eVisa application

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced a new tourist visa available to visitors from over 50 countries. In this article i’m going to cover requirements and steps needed to complete the application.

The link to apply for the e-visa and for a complete list of the countries which citizens are eligible to apply is

Being based close to Saudi in Dubai and qualifying to apply motivated me to apply for the new Saudi tourist visa especially that it only costs 463 Saudi Rial which is $123 . The one thing i’m not sure of is if that price includes travel insurance or not. The reason i’m not sure is because the visa cost break down shows an insurance fee as you can see in the image below yet during the visa application process they list six insurance companies for travel insurance with links to their websites. The links to those insurance companies can be found on this post.

The process to apply for the visa is very easy and straight forward but before starting the process the system asks for name, phone, email and then registers you as a user and it send you an email for verification. I found that email in my spam box in gmail after waiting for it for several minutes so check there if you don’t see the email from After clicking on the email verification the system takes you to a phone verification step where it will send you a pin number to the phone you listed during registration. Once you enter that pin, you can start the application process which is made of 06 steps as you can see in the screen shot below:

In the first step you will need to upload a passport photo of your self. Make sure the picture meets the requirements you see in the screenshot below:

Also you will be asked for the address where you will be staying. If you are going to stay in a hotel then choose commercial to list the hotel address.

This means you need to have a hotel booking before starting the process. I didn’t know that i needed a hotel booking so i entered a generic hotel name in the hotel field and the system allowed me to continue the process.

Under terms and conditions you need to agree to a list of terms which is basically about respecting the rules of the country you are traveling to which you should be doing any how. It also addresses the dress code or i should say what not wear because you are not required to wear any specific clothing such as abaya or head cover but you are advised to respect the culture and to avoid showing certain areas of the body . The following link includes more details:

Also the same website includes a list of activities and places to visit once you are there:

That was about it. Enjoy your travel

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